The Divi Global Defaults Editor

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With the new Global Defaults update, you will be able to set site-wide module defaults right inside the Divi Builder while designing a page. It's important to note that a global default value set on a module will apply on all modules of the same type on all your pages / posts, unless the module on that page / post already has a custom value set.

Accessing The Global Defaults Modal
When you open the settings modal of a module you will now have a new button with a globe icon located at the top right / top left of the modal. Clicking on this new button will open the Global Defaults modal where you can adjust all the module's design settings. To go back to the local settings modal, click on same button which should display a green curved arrow.


Overwriting Global Default Value
As you would expect, overwriting a global default value is as easy as adjusting the local value for that particular option.


New Right-Click Actions
Make Styles Default
With this action, you can set the current module's design settings as defaults with just one-click.


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