The importance of a lawyer

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The importance of a lawyer in corporate life
The importance of the lawyer in the life of companies: Since the management of companies is based on science and administrative knowledge, and from this science is the help of specialists in professional fields, for example, the establishment does not dispense in any way with accounting work because it is necessary for any institution seeking to grow in a competitive work environment,
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because it controls the financial resources of companies and institutions and thus An eye of his insight is important financial indicators, but this knowledge is not enough. Knowing the financial situation is an important procedure that is completed by taking legal measures to protect resources from waste and depletion and taking the necessary preventive measures, and this can only be done by a lawyer specialized in the commercial side.
Every administrative expert realizes that the worst type of management is management in a reactive way or the usual method of extinguishing fires, which means that the behavior of the company’s manager is always an attempt to solve an emergency problem, and that the professional administrator manages the facility with the approach of prevention is better than treatment, with the help of the necessary expertise in all that pertaining to commercial work, including the financial, technical, legal, etc.
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However, the lack of prevalence of the legal culture in the region makes companies neglect their use, or ignore the preventive and proactive role of lawyers in commercial work, which places upon us as lawyers the duty to clarify the initial work of the lawyer or in another way the legal work performed by the lawyer other than handling cases and resolving disputes, if any. In an amicable way or through public or private courts
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