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Hi Folks.

I'd like to welcome each and every one of you to our very new community in support of the fantastic Divi Theme by Elegant Themes for WordPress.

First off we know there are a number of amazing communities on Facebook who do great work helping out folks in trouble. The problem is that many important questions that pop up all the time get buried due to Facebook's format and are lost to the digital abyss.

This is why I thought a discussion forum where important questions that keep popping up get pinned and referenced to by other users and because of the way forums work we will act as an archive which can be historically referenced much easier than searching through reams of Facebook posts.

We understand this won't be for everyone, but we are certain that it will be for some of you. Over time we hope visitors will become members and those members help contribute some great content.

We are are still in our infancy ( setting up 28/07/2020 ) so we know there will be bumps along the way so please bear with us while we get some rules and guidelines in place.

Feel free to get stuck in, please respect the forum advertising policies, this is a discussion forum, not somewhere to advertise your websites or services. There will be appropriate advertising possibilities for regular contributors on top of dedicated sections coming soon.

Thank you, Welcome and Enjoy.

Divi Dummies Administration Team.
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